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Thursday, October 20, 2011


" Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever. And would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?” - quoted from "Eclipse" movie dialogue -. So sweet! Loving and be loved forever. Idealnya, all of us pasti menginginkan hal itu. A marriage should happens once in a life time. Everyone dreams of an eternal love. In our human being it can be translated as; "love of a life time, till death do us apart". The most important; that's what GOD want us to be! And HE wants us to keep it in mind. Itulah mengapa di setiap pemberkatan pernikahan in Catholic way selalu dikatakan imam dan diamini umat, sabdaNYA ini: " Apa yang dipersatukan Tuhan, TIDAK BOLEH diceraikan manusia." It means, cinta yang mendasarinya dituntut untuk selalu eksis, accompanied by sahabatnya; KESETIAAN.. Cinta yang sejati itu SETIA dan unselfish oriented.

There are many persons who might ask; is it possible? Is it realistic? See, it's happening to some people around us.

Well, guys, actually it's depend on our perspective about loving. If love is translated only as a beautiful feeling; something we feel, something we can't stop thingking of coz an attraction from someone and make everything seems beautiful, and just based on it we. decide to marry someone and promise love him/ her forever with a belief that you can do anything for it, that promise will lose it's meaning.
People change, feelings change You might stop feeling it if your heart were to change
This perspective is one of some causes why divorcement, polygamy happens in this world. They failed knowing what a true love is, and live in it.

A friend of mine has a different perspective about love. That's true that a love is related with feeling, with heart, but the most important is; it's connected with mind too. Love is an action, not only about emotions.
He said; wanna know how to make a marriage last?  Stop thinking that love is that feeling of butterflies in your tummy.  Stop thinking that love is that giddy feeling of attraction.  Start thinking that loving means giving respect, commitment, loyalty, and the deliberate choice to move past negative emotions that might pull things apart.  Love is not about fair weather relationships.  It's about weathering storms together. Love is not just live in your heart, but deeply in your soul! That's LOVE. A grew up love.

So, if you feel guilty when you forget your true lover coz someone else has attracted tto you, just realize that actually your love in your soul remind you not to do the mistake with other woman/man, and come back to your true lover, coz CINTA sejati itu SETIA dan menjaga komitmen. It's bigger than just feeling.

Stay blessed!

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